Don’t Panic! Baby On The Way…

With only eight weeks to go until our little baby Tortoise arrives, I’m really beginning to sweat over money. I want our child to have a great start in life, but all I hear from people with kids is how much of a financial drain they are!

Mrs Tortoise and I were in the supermarket yesterday having a look at baby-related items. There were aisles and aisles of goods, and I struggled to filter out what was truly essential, and what could amount to simply a waste of money.

The problem with us at the moment, I think, is that with everything we look at in the shops, we’re making immediate reference to issues around the safety, comfort and wellbeing of our baby. That hard-wired instinct to protect our child and prevent it from coming to harm. It’s a very powerful instinct, and not being a parent until now, one I haven’t experienced yet.

So this is brand new territory for me as a wealth builder – a conflict between money I am about to spend on our child, and the potential for that money to instead be saved and invested into more money in the future. Over the last few years I had reached the stage where I was in close control of my needs and wants, but now I feel uneasy again, almost back to square one as I attempt to navigate through the literally hundreds and thousands of different products available.

Have any readers experienced this feeling too? I’m sure I’m not alone. How did you manage this inner-conflict of protecting and ensuring the best for your young children, while not overspending or wasting money on unnecessary contraptions?

The Tortoise Forums Are Up And Running

I’m pleased to announce that the Wealth Tortoise Forums are now up and running! My philosophy at the moment is one of: If you build it, they will come, as right now this blog is just in its embryonic stage and apart from the odd spam-bot dropping by there hasn’t been a single human visitor.

It’s probably for the best right now, as I still need to play around with different plugins and make sure it all runs smoothly for when folk do decide to register and participate. My aim is to provide a friendly, sensible place where likeminded, slow and steady wealth-building enthusiasts can make a home share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all.

I’ve taken the Wealth Tortoise philosophy as the basis for the forum categories for the time being, to remain consistent with blog articles and overall structure of the website. Who knows which topics of discussion will prove to be most popular over time?

Please let me know if there are any features you would like including to make your forum experience more user-friendly. Similarly, as the forums grow, please get in touch if you would like to become more involved as a moderator.

I look forward to meeting you and being part of your journey toward greater wealth.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race To Riches

Welcome to the first post from Wealth Tortoise! Like every journey, be it wealth or blogging, it must begin with a single step. Then the trick is to keep on making small steps, time and time again, until you reach your goals – your finish line.

Like the Hare and the Tortoise, it’s crucial that in order to succeed in life, whatever the endeavour, you strive to ignore the other competitors in this race of life, as the only person you can accurately compare yourself to is…you.

I do hope you will join me on this race, not as a competitor, but as my racing partner, as I discover the principles of wealth building and personal development.